Waterlines 2022 – multi-disciplinary solutions

Waterlines 2022 – multi-disciplinary solutions

Welcome to our Multi-disciplinary Solutions edition of Waterlines, 2022.

The recent merger of Molino Stewart and Water Technology broadens and strengthens the capabilities that we can deliver for our clients. After more than a decade of collaborating on complex issues for water and environmental projects, we have formalised our partnership and will use our complementary skills to address the unique and complex challenges our clients face. Our newly merged business takes a strategic, long-term approach to maintaining the health of Australia’s water and surrounding environment for current and future generations.

This edition showcases a variety of multi-disciplinary approaches to project delivery and information sharing that are central to our approach to working with clients and communities to solve their water and environmental management challenges.

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Articles from: Steven Molino, James Weidmann, Tahlia Rossi, Dr Daryl Lam, Ben Tate, Celine Marchenay, Tony McAlister, Jenna Johnston, Leigh Smith and Dr Michael Cheetham.

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