Water Technology provides expert advice on waterway management, rehabilitation and design.

Our work includes assessment and characterisation of waterway conditions and options for rehabilitation. As the waterway project progresses, we also provide detailed design and construction advice.

Our experts are sought-after project advisers, helping review and assess environmental performance, grant applications for river rehabilitation, major infrastructure projects and statutory planning.

Scientific insight into a connected system

Waterways are dynamic systems and catchment changes can have complex outcomes.

Constructing infrastructure within or adjacent to a waterway requires careful consideration of the waterways features and processes.

Water Technology investigates the waterway, building an understanding of its behaviour and processes. We predict the results of any management actions, making recommendations for design or intervention to effectively manage the system for the future.

Our understanding of sedimentology and the geomorphic processes at work within catchments helps us reveal valuable insights and make robust recommendations.

We provide expert insight into river systems and processes, helping clients manage waterways better.

Waterway solutions

Our team of experts work on:
  • River health and ecological condition assessments
  • Fluvial geomorphic and process investigations
  • Strategic river health planning
  • Geomorphic and hydraulic design of waterway works
  • Hydrology and hydraulic investigations and modelling
  • Design and construction support for waterway rehabilitation
  • GIS theme capture and thematic mapping
  • Identification of threats to river health
  • Post-fire and flood waterway assessments and design
  • Water for the environment
  • Fishway detailed design and specification
  • Community consultation
  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Estuary management plans
  • Monitoring program design and implementation

Our expert approach to
riverine challenges

the system

We view the waterway holistically, considering its features and processes in the greater context of the surrounding landscape.

Analyse options
and predict results

We consider the options and implications of management actions, evaluating these against the option avoiding intervention. We consider site-specific conditions that might affect a waterway, creating unusual or unexpected responses.

Recommend a
management approach

Our recommendations take into consideration the possibility of thresholds, lag times and complex responses in river adjustments.

Our team of technical experts work across a range of specialities, ensuring our recommendations are robust and cross-disciplinary.