Who we work with

We work with a broad range of government and industry clients,
providing technical insight and practical solutions to water challenges.

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Local Authorities

Planning and constructing community facilities and recreational assets requires a detailed understanding of the movement of water through the area.

Our team can complete scientific assessments and provide options to ensure your project is a success in the short and long term. We also consult with community stakeholders to understand the social factors influencing the site, while also building local understanding of the project.

We provide expert assessments of private developments, whether at the application, planning, construction or completion phase.

State and Federal Government

Data and knowledge driven strategic plans can help build stronger, more resilient communities.

Our team can assess sites and analyse how they will be affected by current or anticipated scenarios. We also engage with stakeholders to understand community priorities and social implications.

We provide recommendations and design solutions that will be effective long-term.

Development and Construction

Flood and stormwater management have critical implications for development and construction projects of every scale.

Our team can help you find solutions that are practical, effective and efficient. We also enhance property values by considering the aesthetic appeal of our designs.

We’ve got strong working relationships with local governments and water authorities, helping us negotiate outcomes that satisfy all project stakeholders.

Mining and Renewable Energy

Surface water problems can hamper construction and operations, causing delays and increasing risk to crews.

We provide support during planning, operational and closure phases, helping you meet your performance targets and environmental responsibilities.

Our understanding of mining and renewable energy operations helps us provide practical advice and timely solutions.

Agriculture and Aquaculture

A reliable, well-designed irrigation or aquaculture system is one of the foundations of efficient production.

We help you build an understanding of how water moves through the local landscape, designing infrastructure that is cost-effective and protects the natural environment.

We combine our understanding of agriculture and aquaculture operations with scientific insights into the water system to support your productivity.

Utility Providers

Providing essential services often requires reliable water resources. In turn, water can be impacted by the activities of utility providers.

Our team can help your organisation balance the needs and expectations of the community and customers. We provide the technical expertise to fully understand key water and environmental processes and use modelling to demonstrate how these can be influenced for better outcomes.

We provide robust strategies to help you protect or enhance service provision and environmental protection.

Insurance Providers

Our team has extensive experience in providing expert witness advice during legal proceedings.

We consistently demonstrate our high level of technical expertise through documentation and testimony.

The Water Technology team includes more than ninety technical experts, ensuring we have the resources available to respond quickly and accurately to information requests.

At work across Australia

With offices throughout the country, our team brings a
national perspective to local challenges.

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