Water Technology designs water management solutions for development projects. We help developers put the right strategies in place to secure approvals.

We also work with regulatory authorities, providing expert review of water management measures on development sites.

Our cross-disciplinary team provides an integrated approach to stormwater, ground and surface water management.


Who uses this service?

Urban development projects involve complex processes. The legislative requirements of both state and local government need to be navigated, then compliance must be achieved. Delays can have significant impacts on all stakeholders.

Technical assessments often require flood and drainage modelling. This informs water-sensitive urban design that also offers resilience against climate change.

At Water Technology, we bring together a team of technical experts. We also have extensive experience working with the legislative frameworks surrounding urban development.

We provide innovative, robust and technically excellent solutions to water management challenges.


Urban development solutions

Our team of experts work on:
  • Due diligence assessments and advice
  • Stormwater management assessments and planning
  • Water quality modelling
  • Detention basin and hydraulic design
  • Catchment modelling (hydrology, hydraulics, flood modelling, impact assessments)
  • Flood mitigation and drainage design
  • Coastal processes and coastal hazard assessments
  • Master drainage planning and structure plans
  • Local government infrastructure planning
  • Development assessment
  • Specialist and technical reviews
  • Expert witness and court appeals

Our technical experts support best-practice water management, even on challenging development sites.

Our outcome-driven approach to urban development challenges

Define and
understand the problem

We identify the project drivers and outcomes desired, as well as any opportunities or constraints.

Identify innovative solutions

We combine our insights with an understanding of the regulatory requirements to develop solutions to the problem. We conduct extensive technical assessments, analysing how the results affect different aspects of water management. This can include flooding and coastal engineering, stream and floodplain management, water quality and quantity, geomorphology, stormwater management or groundwater.

Document recommendations

We identify the optimal strategies to achieve the best on-ground results, satisfying all stakeholders. Our recommendations are provided with detailed documentation to support the approval process.

Our team of technical experts work across a range of specialities, ensuring our recommendations are robust and cross-disciplinary.