Our expert team helps clients who have concerns about the quantity or quality of their groundwater.

We design solutions to help manage flows and improve water quality. We also help clients meet their legislative responsibilities in managing groundwater.

Our clients include natural resource authorities, state government and local government. We also work with developers, irrigators, utilities and mining companies.

Our work includes thorough assessments of groundwater resources. We design borefields for water supply or saline groundwater dewatering.

Protection for a vital natural resource

Groundwater is one of Australia’s most important natural resources.

It’s a critical source of drinking water for many cities and towns. Groundwater supports irrigation, agriculture and industry in vast parts of Australia. It also feeds into the flow of many rivers, helping maintain surface water.

Managing and maintaining this critical resource is a significant responsibility. The complex interactions of many different factors can have far-reaching impacts on water quality or quantity.

Our team includes experts in a range of water specialisations, including hydrogeology and engineering. Together, we provide cutting-edge solutions and robust strategies to manage risk.

Water Technology helps optimise
the performance of groundwater systems.

Groundwater solutions

Our team of experts works on:
  • Groundwater testing and aquifer characterisation
  • Risk management and groundwater monitoring
  • Salinity management and dewatering (salt interception schemes)


  • Groundwater–surface water interaction and ecology
  • Groundwater simulation and geochemical modelling
  • Borefield, sustainable water supply and well construction design.

Our expert approach to groundwater challenges

Identify the desired outcome and constraints

We work closely with our clients to understand the problem and the operating environment. With this insight, we set clear objectives.

Review data and identify information gaps

We collate and analyse available data, in the process identifying any information gaps requiring further study. Investigations may include water quality sampling and analysis, water level measurements and aquifer pumping tests.

Model and predict the impact of changes

We characterise aquifer processes to develop a conceptual model and predict the impact of changes to the groundwater system. We may also use numerical simulation models to rapidly predict the impact of multiple development scenarios.

Document and present recommendations

We provide options with comprehensive background to aid decision-making. Estimates of the investment required to implement each decision are included.

Review and Feedback

We follow-up after the project has been completed to ensure the objectives have been achieved.

Our team of technical experts work across a range of specialities, ensuring our recommendations are robust and cross-disciplinary.