Our best-practice methodology helps clients implement change and safeguard communities.

Our team help make our communities and environment resilient to natural hazards.

Our team specialises in coastal, flooding and heat hazards where we develop strategies, solutions and action plans to help Australian regions and communities prepare for the future.

We build resilience and capacity to adapt to changing environmental conditions.  This includes the impact of extreme weather events, as well as long-term stressors, such as global warming and drought.

We partner with Local Government, State Government and other organisations who are focused on long-term community interests.  Together, we assess risks and make effective plans to improve the capacity to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural hazards and climate risks.

Technical insight for data-driven planning

Extreme weather events and our changing climate already affect lives, communities, infrastructure and the environment. 

Understanding how natural hazards impact our coasts, catchments and communities allow us to plan for potential impacts now and adapt to future climate impacts.

Proactive and effective adaptation planning can help mitigate these impacts.  Water Technology brings together a range of technical skills to examine environmental factors and model potential outcomes.  This information is considered alongside community expectations to assess strategies and solutions.

We use data-based evidence and industry leading science and engineering to understand risks and prioritise resilience and adaptation initiatives.

Our experts in natural hazards, risk and resilience use evidence-based science and engineering, combined with a focus on engagement to deliver industry-leading resilience and adaptation solutions.

Resilience and adaptation solutions

Our team of experts work on:
  • Assessment of storm surge and coastal inundation
  • Planning and impact assessments for works in coastal, estuarine and port environments
  • Coastal adaptation and protection works
  • Integrated coastal zone management
  • Estuary management studies
  • Assessment of riverine, flash flooding and urban flooding
  • Flood and coastal erosion risk management and options development
  • Flood Emergency Management Plans
  • Managed retreat and community relocation
  • Climate change adaptation performance framework development
  • Assessment of heat hazard
  • Natural hazard and multi-hazard risk assessment and management
  • Design of data collection and monitoring programs
  • Strategy, policy and advisory services
  • Post disaster evaluations
  • Education and training for natural hazards and disasters management
  • Community and industry engagement 

Our expert approach to resilience and adaptation

At Water Technology, we are at the forefront of global advances in resilience and adaptation planning.

Our team of technical experts understands environmental stressors, as well as the risks of natural disaster. Our dynamic methodology is built on national and international best-practice.


1. Assess risk

We consider the underlying long-term stressors present in the area, and the level of exposure and vulnerability in the local area. This information forms the foundation of an evidence-based risk assessment.

2. Develop and prioritise options

Our cross-disciplinary team examines options to mitigate risk. These options are analysed and prioritised, ensuring clients can invest in the most beneficial solutions.

Our team of technical experts work across a range of specialities, ensuring our recommendations are robust and cross-disciplinary.