Catchments and floodplains

At Water Technology, we investigate the flood and drainage issues of a site, then develop strategies to mitigate surface water problems and risks.

We provide start to finish support throughout the project, from scoping and funding applications through to modelling, management plans and mitigation options. We’re also available to provide advice during construction.

We work with local councils, government, developers, landholders and consultants. Our consultative approach helps achieve the best outcome for all the project stakeholders.

Trusted guidance for project success

Managing floodplain risk and land development can be a lengthy process. Delays are often costly and can put the entire project at risk.

Water Technology’s team of technical and scientific experts are experienced in managing this process. We can help you develop a risk management strategy that satisfies the interests of all stakeholders.

We follow the best-practice approaches set by the Australian Rainfall and Runoff guideline, supported by the latest techniques and modelling tools.

Through our rigorous approach, we’ve earned the respect of local government, catchment management authorities and developers. As trusted advisers, we’re well-positioned to develop solutions that are effective and cost-efficient.

Our expertise helps clients understand and minimise flood and drainage risks.

Catchment and floodplain solutions

  • Hydrological and hydraulic analysis
  • Complex 1D, 2D, 3D and rain-on-grid hydraulic modelling
  • Flood mapping, risk assessment and community consultation
  • Floodplain risk management plans and flood warning systems
  • Provision of expert witness and other legal services
  • Environmental flow assessment and eco-hydraulics
  • Expert advice and response planning at incident control centres during flooding
  • Flood mitigation concept and functional design and construction advice
  • Flood-related development application assessments and planning referrals
  • Environmental watering infrastructure design.

Our expert approach to
surface water challenges

Develop an

We gather recorded data and anecdotal information from local government and the community. Community meetings help us understand local concerns and priorities, while also building community awareness of project considerations.

Prepare modelling
and analysis

Insights from consultation help us identify the right technical approach to better quantify or solve surface water concerns. We conduct a robust assessment, combining our technical skills and on-ground experience.

Develop solution-based

Our strategic recommendations can include conceptual and functional designs for levees, roads, storages and water treatment infrastructure. We can also develop flood response plans that identify evacuation routes, timelines and warning triggers for evacuations.

Our team of technical experts work across a range of specialities, ensuring our recommendations are robust and cross-disciplinary.