Our experts provide specialist advice and practical solutions to protect and enhance water quality.

We examine the processes at work in creeks, rivers, estuaries and marine zones. We build a detailed understanding of any impacts currently occurring, or that may occur in the future, then design solutions to safeguard waterway health.

We work with local government, developers and industry bodies, as well as organisations responsible for water and sewerage infrastructure.

Technical understanding of a complex system

At any location, water quality is influenced by many factors interacting in complex ways.

Land use across the entire catchment must be considered, as well as any water extractions or discharges into the water. These external influences interact with the natural processes occurring within the waterway or coastal zone.

Our water quality experts provide advice and solutions based on robust field data, advanced modelling tools and technical insight.

Water quality solutions

Our team of experts work on:
  • Field data collection
  • Impact assessments of catchment and land use change
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Assessment of field impacts of sewerage, aquaculture and industrial discharges
  • Studies to support land use and catchment development
  • Dredging spoil dispersal studies
  • Integrated Catchment Management studies

Our practical strategies help clients protect water quality, benefitting people and the environment.

Our expert approach to water quality protection

1. Collect field data

Our team starts by gathering field data, such as water samples and site measurements, as well as relevant data sets from geographic information systems.

2. Conduct modelling and analysis

We examine and forecast the impacts of activities using advanced numerical modelling tools.

3. Develop targeted management solutions

Based on our technical understanding, we provide strategic recommendations to protect and enhance water quality. These recommendations can be accompanied by conceptual designs for specific strategies.

Our team of technical experts work across a range of specialities, ensuring our recommendations are robust and cross-disciplinary.