Coastal and Marine

Our coastal and marine experts provide advice and solutions to protect infrastructure and support natural coastal processes.

We work with local and federal government, regulatory authorities and private organisations to provide technical advice for environmental assessments, as well as design solutions for infrastructure.

Our team can investigate, analyse and design solutions for coastal erosion. We also help government and communities plan for climate change.

Scientific insight into a changing coastline

Increasing sea levels and storm intensities due to climate change make planning for the future even more complex.

Many complex processes affect the coastal zone. Storm surge, tidal movement, shoreline stability and stormwater drainage can all have an impact, as can the interaction between surface water and groundwater.

Development plans and infrastructure design should be based on a complete understanding of how these factors affect the site. The experienced team at Water Technology assesses the processes and risks affecting a specific site or problem.

Using our suite of assessment tools and modelling capability, we can discover tidal, wave, water quality and other oceanographic data. This detailed understanding means our advice is based on the best science and information.

Our expertise helps clients understand the complex factors at work in coastal areas and make well-informed decisions.

Coastal and marine solutions

Our team of experts work on:
  • Climate change risk assessment, adaptation and resilience planning
  • Coastal erosion and sediment transport investigation and mitigation services; coastal zone management
  • Coastal hazard and vulnerability assessments
  • Environmental impacts assessments:
    • Aquaculture, alternative energy, and development feasibility
    • Dredge dispersion, flushing, thermal and wastewater dispersion studies
  • Storm surge and coastal inundation modelling
  • Oceanographic data collection
  • Dredging program design and impact assessments
  • Harbour and coastal protection design and optimisation
  • Provision of expert witness and other legal services
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Our expert approach to
coastal challenges

Investigate the
site in detail

We work with the client and local community to learn about the site and its history.

the problem

We collect any additional data needed and use spatial models to understand the site problem. We then identify the causes of the problem and forecast future impacts.

Develop solutions
and designs

Adaptations or solutions are recommended to address the issue. We present these to our clients in a useful format, incorporating any structural designs required to protect infrastructure and the coastal environment.

Our team of technical experts work across a range of specialities, ensuring our recommendations are robust and cross-disciplinary.