Water and environmental information when you need it.

We build real-time, operational decision support products and provide services to assist clients in accessing, analysing and sharing data for the management and operation of water resources.

Enabling timely and effective water, coastal and environmental outcomes for organisations, their partners and communities.

Using data effectively and efficiently

The need to effectively turn data into information for decision-making around the various water management activities is a significant gap for many organisations.

Organisations often have multiple data sources that need to be interlinked or connected to generate information and knowledge. We work with our clients to resolve this dilemma, gathering the right data and delivering outputs in a useable form – taking the complexity out of connected data.

We use data-based evidence to inform timely decisions.

Water information system solutions

Our team of experts work on:
  • Operational real-time decision support
  • Flood Warning and Alerting Services and Portals
  • Community Flood Risk Information Portals


  • Remote Sensing Service
  • Smart Urban Water Systems
  • Bespoke scripting and data services

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Our Water Information Systems team specialise in developing, implementing and supporting cloud-based products and services; often collaborating with research organisations such as Universities to deliver the latest algorithms and model developments as market-ready services. The WaterSENSE project is a great example of this collaborative “research in action” approach.

We are also the Australian Agents for HydroNET, an advanced water data platform from the Netherlands, developed by HydroLogic.

At work across Australia

With offices throughout the country, our team brings a
national perspective to local challenges.

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