Our integrated approach helps clients safeguard the natural environment.

Our team of scientists and engineers work to protect or enhance the natural environment. We design integrated water management solutions that consider the whole system, including the needs of the local community.

In rural areas, we often focus on environmental protection and water quality. In urban areas, we also provide recommendations for water sensitive urban design, establishing green infrastructure and avoiding heat impacts.

We work with government, landholders, developers and companies, helping them add value to ecological and social environments.

System-wide solutions to complex problems

Our natural environment is under increasing pressure. As a society, our concern and expectations for responsible environmental management continue to grow.

Balancing the needs of the community and the environment can often involve competing priorities. A holistic, cross-disciplinary approach to problem-solving is vital to achieving outcomes that are both practical and innovative.

Our integrated solutions often achieve multiple outcomes. These can range from improving biodiversity and stream stability through to water harvesting and flood protection.

Natural resource management solutions

Drainage and flooding assessment
  • Hydrological assessment
  • Floodplain mapping, risk assessment and management
  • Stormwater drainage analysis and design
  • Smart stormwater system development
  • Optimisation of infrastructure designs
  • Climate change and sustainability
Integrated water management
  • Wastewater treatment and reuse
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge
  • Sustainable water harvesting
  • Rain gardens, green walls, and roofs
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Water quality assessments and management
  • Biofiltration systems
  • Wetland design
Waterways and environmental management
  • Watercourse rehabilitation and management
  • Flow management and regulation
  • Eco-hydrology including modelling and design
  • Land capability assessment
  • Vegetation assessments and revegetation design
  • Dam removal and risk management
  • Dam low flow bypass systems
  • Urban heat island impact assessment

Our expert approach to natural resource management

1. Investigate project needs and context

We identify the project requirements and priorities. We then investigate the site, building an understanding of its broader context in the environment and community.

2. Identify and evaluate solutions

We develop potential solutions and evaluate their effectiveness against key criteria. We recommend the optimal solution, supported by a comprehensive rationale.

3. Prepare designs and technical specifications

We prepare conceptual designs, detailed designs and technical specifications for implementation and construction.

4. Manage implementation and review

We supervise construction and implementation of the recommended solution. Once the project is completed, we test and check the results.

Our team of technical experts work across a range of specialities, ensuring our recommendations are robust and cross-disciplinary.