Barmah National Park is a Ramsar wetland of international significance, located on the Murray River floodplain in northern Victoria on Yorta Yorta CountryThe area features a variety of permanent and temporary wetlandsThe area once supported numerous native aquatic grassland species which have significant biodiversity value in the Murray-Darling Basin

A legacy of feral grazing (by cattle, horses, pigs and deer), combined with adverse impacts due to river regulation (floodplain wetlands are now flooded less deeply and for a shorter time over winter and spring and may not dry out in Summer), has seen the extent of the native aquatic grasslands face rapid decline.

Water Technology has been working with the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and Parks Victoria on numerous projects that form part of their long-term strategy to restore the extent of aquatic grassland species across the Ramsar Site.   



Undertake field monitoring and trial propagation methods to support restoration of the extent of aquatic grassland species across the Ramsar Site


Murray River floodplain in northern Victoria


Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority

Water Technology has been engaged by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority to undertake ongoing seasonal vegetation monitoring following the construction of four grazing exclosures.  The exclosures are fenced areas, rectangular in shape, of various sizes, designed to restrict access by feral grazing animals.  The work has involved:

  • Establishing paired vegetation monitoring quadrats inside and outside the exclosures
  • Monitoring changes in flora species cover and abundance, and bare ground, in the quadrats at different hydrological wetting phases

 A better understanding of the plant community dynamics over time is being obtained.

Propagation trials have also been undertaken to help support the restoration efforts.  The trials have demonstrated that propagation can be successful if the conditions following the planting are favourable.   

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