Flat Rock Creek is a small coastal creek located in Currumbin and Tugun in the south of the Gold Coast. The creek, associated with the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, is also a well-used and well-liked community asset. The creek has been subject to many changes since the 1960’s, including waterway crossings, channelisation and flood mitigation works and is now a heavily modified system.  

Options to naturalise and improve Flat Rock Creek were developed and costed following extensive technical assessments and community engagement.  

The proposed options allow for increased flushing of the creek during smaller rainfall events with associated improvements in water quality, ecological health, sedimentation and reduction of algal blooms.



Development of options for the naturalisation and improvement of Flat Rock Creek.


Currumbin and Tugun


City of Gold Coast

The technical assessments included:

  • Review of sediment and water quality data
  • Review of hydraulic modelling of the creek
  • Conducting an ecological assessment
  • Observing the geomorphic processes

A six-stage process of stakeholder and community engagement involved:

  • Stakeholder identification and initial contact
  • Initial stakeholder meetings
  • Market stall and beach-side information sessions
  • Follow up discussions and clarifications
  • Feedback collation
  • Concept design options presentation

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