Kingston Flood Mapping

Flood risk assessment and mapping of the Kingston municipality...

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Alliance Business Park

A Stormwater Management Plan for a major industrial subdivision in Epping, north of Melbourne....

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Ovens River Fishway Design

Designing fishway passages to minimise the impact of instream barriers to fish migration....

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Completed Fishway Passages On The Ovens River

Improved fish passage and floodplain connectivity at low flows at Frosts Crossing and McQuades Bend Track....

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Casey Complex Integrated Water Management Plan

An Integrated Water Management Options Investigation and an Integrated Water Management Plan developed for the Casey Complex....

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Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla Islands

Develop and assess water management options for improved environmental watering outcomes...

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Fishway passages on the Ovens River

Delivering a fishway passage for the Snowy Creek Weir on the Ovens River...

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