Located on the north-west corner of North Stradbroke Island, the township of Amity Point enjoys a rich diversity of seascapes and landscapes – providing extensive recreational and lifestyle opportunities that are considerably enhanced by local cultural, heritage and environmental values.

The historical development of Amity Point has focused on the shoreline – as residents and visitors seek to enjoy the unique character of this coastal precinct. However, the dynamic nature of the coastal environment means that local foreshores are experiencing erosion which is threatening these values, as well as endangering essential infrastructure.


Develop a Shoreline Erosion Management Plan for Amity Point





Water Technology was engaged by Redland City Council to develop the Amity Point Shoreline Erosion Management Plan which included a framework for the sustainable use, development and management of this vulnerable foreshore that was acceptable to both the residents and the relevant management authorities.

Previous recommended approaches to shoreline management at Amity Point (including an earlier SEMP completed by another consultant in 2014) did not allow for Council and the local Amity Point community to appropriately and proactively plan for suitable erosion management along the vulnerable foreshore.

This project therefore focused on developing an approach that was consistent with the community aspirations and the polices of the Commonwealth and State Governments, and Redland City Council. Technically, the Shoreline Erosion Management Plan considered various strategies in response to the erosion processes and associated risks at Amity Point and, importantly, it involved considerable engagement with the local community and other stakeholders, and has delivered a unique solution to the considerable erosion hazard at Amity Point.

Shoreline Erosion impacting Amity Point by Rodney Wiley

Shoreline Erosion impacting Amity Point

  • Physical Process Analysis
  • Erosion Threat Risk Assessment
  • Shoreline Erosion Management Plan
  • Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement
  • Shoreline and Erosion Management Optioneering and Recommendations

Presentation by Paul O’Brien (Water Technology) and Tim Mitchell (Redland City Council) at the 6th Queensland Coastal Conference 2017 (5-7 September 2017).

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