Partnering with Carbon Landscapes

Partnering with Carbon Landscapes

As part of our broader commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, the Board of Water Technology agreed to give back to the community following the flooding events of 2022. The team at Water Technology proposed areas to support.

Carbon Landscapes is one of the organisations that we are supporting.  

Water Technology are partnering with Carbon Landscapes on two properties – Stony Rises and Little Dog Island.

At the Stony Rises property, Water Technology will be undertaking fauna surveys with a focus on determining if the Stony Rises property is home to a variety of threatened species including Australasian Bittern, Southern Bent-wing Bat and Spot-tailed Quoll.

At Little Dog Island, Water Technology will be providing a better understanding of future sea level rise impacts on the island, as well as management solutions to help the island become more adaptable to these impacts.

In addition to our research partnership, Water Technology is also providing financial sponsorship to support the on-ground management of these two special properties. This funding will allow Carbon Landscapes to continue pest plant and animal control programs at each of the sites, as well as implement management actions recommended through Water Technology’s research.

Thank you Warwick Bishop for suggesting this organisation and thank you in advance for those that will help us support Carbon Landscapes and the valuable work that they do.


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