Vitaly Leschen

Vitaly is currently completing his last semester of his bachelor’s degree of Civil Engineering (Hons) & Economics at Swinburne University and joined Water Technology as a student in Floodplain and Catchment in August 2019. He previously gained experience in the field after undertaking a year long undergraduate position at Melbourne Water in the Catchment and Strategies team.

Driven by his passion and desire to gain a thorough understanding of hydraulic behaviour and modelling continuing his experience and career at Water Technology was an easy choice. Since joining the Floodplain and Catchment team he has developed and experienced working on numerous hydraulic (TUFLOW) models, hydrologic (RORB) models and GIS mapping packages. Vitaly is applying his both technical skills on modelling and passion for learning to floodplain and catchment management projects while seeking more challenges for his continuous development.


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