Katrina Smith

Katrina has over five years’ experience in the floodplain management industry and has worked on a diverse range of projects from small-scale development assessments to complex, multi-disciplinary and non-industry standard projects.

Katrina’s key area of expertise is in the preparation of floodplain risk management studies, economic assessments, development of information to support emergency response, stakeholder engagement, community consultation, and the assessment and development of flood risk management options. As part of her experience in floodplain management, Katrina was a Senior Engineer part of the technical team at the Queensland Reconstruction Authority responsible for the delivery of the Brisbane River Strategic Floodplain Management Plan (Strategic Plan) and the Implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Katrina also has experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, development of flood emergency response plans, flood impact assessments, and providing engineering support for expert review panels and R coding. As part of her experience, she has developed skills in TUFLOW, WBNM, XPRafts, Mapinfo, 12D, ArcGIS, QGIS and R coding.



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