Daniel Bothelho

With more than 25 years’ of post-graduate experience Daniel has spent most of his career researching and providing consulting services surface water management.
This work has been applied across a broad range of industries including water and sanitation authorities, government agencies, energy and hydropower, aquaculture and mining. His involvement in a wide range of projects required extensive knowledge in the disciplines of water quality, limnology, numerical modelling, coastal engineering, hydrology, water supply and waste water engineering.
Daniel has been engaged for a multitude of studies involving hydrodynamic and ecological modelling, submarine outfall assessments, EIA support, licensing permits and environmental loads assessments, aquaculture water quality, quantitative microbial risk analysis, environmental response and evolution, climate change impact analysis, sediment transport, oceanographic basis of design, site selection, and water and wastewater infrastructure construction management. His background in research has allowed him to actively work on RD&I projects in partnership with industry and research institutions.


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