Connecting with Students

Connecting with Students

The La Trobe Employability Expo 2023 in Melbourne was a great event, where we had the incredible opportunity to connect with the brilliant minds of the future.

The Expo turned out to be a rewarding adventure for students on the lookout for insights into Graduate/Early career roles, Summer vacation programs, and internships. More than 500 enthusiastic participants attended from many different areas including the Business School, School of Computing, Engineering & Mathematical Sciences, School of Psychology & Public Health, the School of Agriculture, Biomedicine & Environment and the School of Humanities.

Students left the Expo with a renewed sense of motivation and a treasure trove of insights into what employers are really searching for when they seek exceptional talent. Beyond connecting them with Water Technology, the event also provided them with valuable insights into the qualities that make them stand out in today’s fiercely competitive job market.

Here at Water Technology, we firmly believe in nurturing talent and cultivating growth within our industry. Experiences like the La Trobe Employability Expo reinforce our dedication to forging strong bonds with the leaders who will shape the future of our industry.


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