Waterlines Issue 1 2021
Waterlines Issue 1, 2021

Waterlines Issue 1, 2021

Supporting communities to succeed

Welcome to the latest issue of Waterlines (Issue 1, 2021), supporting communities to succeed.

Implementing real, actionable solutions and improving the world around us.

Welcome to Water Technology’s first Waterlines of 2021! From where we’re standing today, I find myself looking back and thinking about how I am so incredibly proud of this company and everyone’s efforts in water management, rehabilitation and building community resilience throughout an extraordinarily challenging (both professionally and personally) 2020. I have found our teams’ unparalleled sense of hard work, team spirit, and selfless dedication to clients and project outcomes to be genuinely inspiring. I have every confidence that we will only continue on this path throughout this year.

In the following pages, I’d like to share with you a brief look into some of the unique projects and challenging scenarios the team has faced, along with their powerful approaches to finding and implementing solutions to support and protect vulnerable communities. Water Technology staff pride themselves on discovering and implementing real, actionable solutions and improving the world around them wherever they go. I can think of no more straightforward way to show that than by inviting you to read the team’s exploits in action for yourself and in their own words.

This edition of Waterlines focuses on supporting communities to succeed, with articles including:

  • Live Data Monitoring is Transforming Data Collection in the Remote Pilbara

  • Andrew Telfer: hydrogeologist steps out from the dark
  • St. Peters Billabong Rehabilitation
  • Remediating a wastewater lagoon to become an ecological and community asset
  • Indigenous community’s self-determination through renewables
  • Improving water security in Sri Lanka
  • Construction of a levee to combat Warracknabael Flooding
  • Staff Profile: James Weidmann‘s career-shaping flood experience


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