Yong Cai

Yong has recently competed a Masters of GIS at University of Queensland, where his major project involved undertaking a flood risk assessment of the St Lucia campus at UQ, using Brisbane River flood levels to map inundation extents and identify buildings at risk.

Yong has well-developed communication and teamwork skills obtained from previous teamwork experiences in university, student council and volunteer experiences. After joining Water technology, he has been involved in a variety of projects, and accumulated professional spatial analysis skills in the field of catchment, coastal and water management.

His skills and experience include:

  • Proficiency in GIS: mapping, geospatial analysis, geoprocessing modelling, web mapping, 3D visualization and modelling.
  • GIS software suites: Arcmap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, MapInfo, QGIS, 3D Modelling in CityEngine, Google Earth, ArcGIS AppStudio.
  • Developing Arcpy and ArcGIS API for Python scripts, analysing large volumes of spatial data.



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