Matilda Mathieu

Matilda is a Senior Engineer with over 10 years’ experience delivering various flood and stormwater assessment projects across Australia. Matilda has extensive experience in flood engineering specialising in hydrology and hydraulics for a range of applications including city-wide flood studies, hydraulic assessments for infrastructure projects and transport corridors (bridges and roads), flood impact assessments for mine subsidence and urban development and mitigation investigations and dam failure impact assessments. Her project experience also includes the preparation of water resources impact assessments, channel stability and stream health monitoring, water quality investigations, and the development of stormwater management plans.  Matilda incorporates her in-depth knowledge of software with her hydraulic and hydrologic expertise.  She has developed advanced proficiency in the use of RORB, XP-RAFTS, TUFLOW, MIKEFLOOD, HEC-RAS and HY-8.



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