Molino Stewart has joined Water Technology

Molino Stewart has joined Water Technology

We are excited to announce that Molino Stewart has joined Water Technology.

After more than a decade of collaborating on complex issues for water and environmental projects, we have formalised our partnership and will use our complementary skills to address the unique and complex challenges our clients face.

Our newly merged business takes a strategic, long-term approach to maintaining the health of Australia’s water and surrounding environment for current and future generations.

We welcome the Molino Stewart Team to Water Technology and celebrate Steven Molino joining the Water Technology Board.

About Molino Stewart

Molino Stewart is a flood, natural hazard, ecological and environmental consulting company based in Parramatta, Sydney. Core staff includes senior environmental consultants with decades of experience in both environmental and ecological assessment and management, plus all aspects of flood, bushfire and natural hazard risk management.

Since 1995 they have been helping private, and public sector clients navigate complex environmental, ecological and natural hazard challenges. They help them achieve their desired objectives in the most cost-effective manner.

Find out more about the Molino Stewart team here.

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