It is recognised that at-risk individuals and communities have a major role to play in managing their flood risk, and the fit-for-purpose sharing of flood risk information with communities is paramount to improving flood resilience and creating better flood resilient communities.

The GBCMA, in partnership with Greater Shepparton City, Benalla Rural City, Strathbogie Shire, Moira Shire, Mitchell Shire and Murrundindi Shire Councils have implemented the innovative and pioneering cloud-based flood report generation portal that securely connects to official flood information data directly at source in real time – known as the ‘Digital Delta’ method. With this approach, the public can view flood maps and download property-specific flood information reports on-the-fly. This was previously a manual, time-consuming and repetitive process. A key design requirement was that it also be easily and cheaply expandable to other flood study areas so that others can benefit.

The portal was implemented through the HydroNET platform, a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution that provides secure and easy access anywhere and anytime.


Develop a flood information portal for the public to access property-specific flood information reports - My Flood Report




Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority

My Flood Report Highlights:

  • Flood Information Sharing: Provides the public with secure and easy access to property flood risk information and reports via the web.
  • Linked Data: Securely links to official data sources in real-time.
  • Timely and Consistent Reporting: Reports are automatically processed on-the-fly at the time of the request, ensuring the provision of the latest data directly from the official sources, where available.
  • Time Savings: Significantly reduced time and cost burden on the Council and CMA staff as well as the public.

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