Richard Sharp

Richard has experience of both the UK and Australia environmental planning industry specialising in land use planning in integrated water cycle and flood risk management policy. Richard has delivered multi-disciplinary projects within local government and public sector aimed reducing flood risk, implementing sustainable development and land use outcomes. He has held positions in project management and strategic planning within in the water resources and flood and coastal risk management sectors in the UK and Queensland and as an urban planner in Brisbane.

Richard has worked on several local projects involving land use planning as a mechanism for managing flood risk including the Brisbane City Plan 2014 Flood hazard overlay code and planning scheme policy; strategic flood risk advice and input on Neighbourhood and Local Plans and the stormwater component of the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP). 

As a development assessment officer, Richard has developed a working knowledge of the Queensland planning framework including the Sustainable Planning Act (2009), Planning Act 2016, State Planning Regulatory Policy and local government planning scheme codes and policies.

Richard has managed complex projects including coastal hazard adaptation strategies, floodplain management plans, flood awareness and warnings, rainfall detection and on minor projects delivering best practice floodplain and environmental management. 


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