Gildas Colleter

Gildas is an international expert in coastal engineering. He has over 20 year experience in the delivery of investigation, design, documentation, planning, environmental study, and project management of coastal, ocean and maritime projects. He has delivered many high-profile projects such as major beach nourishment works, resilient coastal works, port and offshore works, waterfront redevelopment as well as underwater and floating structures in Australia and overseas. Gildas has prepared many practical coastal management plan and strategies for climate change adaptation for a broad range of communities and stakeholders which recognised the importance of working with both nature and culture.

Gildas is active in several research and scientific projects, having delivered over 20 publications to technical journals and conferences. He is the Climate Change Champion for the Maritime Commission of the Permanent International Association of Navigational Congresses, which is the world association for waterborne transport infrastructure.


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