Chris Beadle

Chris Beadle is NSW Regional Manager and Principal Engineer with over 12 years’ experience in coastal and engineering and coastal management. He has significant experience in coastal & estuarine modelling, coastal & maritime infrastructure design, and the development of coastal management plans across a range of physical environments around Australia and internationally.

Chris’ particular passion lies in coastal zone management, and he has managed and delivered numerous coastal zone management studies and plans across NSW. His experience in this area is broad and includes open coast settings and estuarine environments. His success in delivering these projects is underpinned by a high level of expertise in coastal and estuarine processes, with a strong understanding of coastal geomorphology and hydrodynamics. However, he also has a strong appreciation of the social, cultural and economic values of the coastal zone, and believes this knowledge is key to sustainable coastal zone management and climate change adaptation. 

Chris combines his technical skills with significant experience in community and stakeholder engagement. With IAP2 accreditation as an engagement practitioner, he has successfully delivered a range of engagement programs for coastal management projects. His engagement prowess is evident in his project outcomes, and he has experience engaging with a vast range of community groups, public authorities and indigenous stakeholders.

Chris also has skills in coastal infrastructure design and has worked on numerous open coasts, estuarine and port infrastructure design projects. This includes comprising seawalls, breakwaters, groynes, and wave attenuators.


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