Water Technology in South-West Victoria

Water Technology in South-West Victoria

Water Technology would like to welcome Johanna Theilemann to the team. Jo has worked for 9 years with Glenelg Hopkins CMA and has extensive experience in floodplain and waterway management. Jo is a great communicator and project manager and has the benefit of understanding what our clients want and need. Jo’s experience on the other side of the fence, will improve the way Water Technology delivers for our clients.

Jo is based in Geelong, further expanding our regional presence with offices in Wangaratta, Wimmera and Bairnsdale, as well as our Melbourne and Brisbane offices. With Jo’s location in Geelong, her intimate knowledge of south-west Victoria, and Water Technology’s significant experience in floodplain, coastal and waterway management in the region, Water Technology is in a strong position to offer support to our colleagues in south-west Victoria.


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