Water Quality and Flood Storage Solutions for Bacchus Marsh Development

Water Quality and Flood Storage Solutions for Bacchus Marsh Development

Water Technology has recently undertaken another combined water quality and flood storage functional design, this time for a residential development in Bacchus Marsh. The system uses a sediment pond and bioretention basin to treat the water quality in low flows.  Once a flood event occurs the area fills with water and is sufficiently detained to meet the water quality and storage requirements for Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the development. The unique feature of this rain garden is that the bioretention has a submerged zone which provides a consistent water source for the bioretention plants.  This was an important design consideration for Council as Bacchus Marsh can be subject to long periods without adequate rain.  The system also has a double fail safe system to protect properties downstream.

This is an example of the kind of innovative solutions Water Technology is providing to its clients to achieve outcomes which complement the final product.  By providing unique value and reducing the footprint these rain gardens can add ‘Natural Capital’ which can be factored in to the triple bottom line giving your project an edge.

This system is currently under construction with the Water Technology project manager providing construction adviceto ensure the design intent is carried through the process.essence_sketchup


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