Radar Rainfall Calibration

Radar Rainfall Calibration

RECORDED: 1ST December 2016
  • How reliable is the radar rainfall forecast?
  • What is the usefulness of radar rainfall data?
  • Can radar rainfall be used for more than just planning the afternoon BBQ?

Understanding the benefits of radar rainfall, the quality of the data and how it can be used is important for hydrological studies, emergency response and to understand large catchments with a limited number of gauges. Accessing data when you need it and having confidence in the quality of that data will be covered during the presentation.

This FREE webinar will provide background to how the Bureau of Meteorology is using radar rainfall data, what radar products they have available and how the HydroNET platform can be used to access calibrated radar rainfall data.

Download: Stormwater 2016 Conference Paper: RADAR Rainfall Calibration of Flood Models – A Case Study of the Stanley River Catchment.

  • Dr Alan Seed, Bureau of Meteorology
    Dr Alan Seed has worked with the Bureau since 1997 and has a passion for using radar data in hydrology.  His radar rainfall estimation and forecasting work is renowned worldwide with numerous publications and citations.
  • Steve Clark, Water Technology
    Steve has over 25 years’ experience as a specialist in the water resources and coastal engineering fields specialising in flood risk and flood risk management. His work in waterway, floodplain and floodplain risk management; and infrastructure investigations has frequently utilised advanced hydrodynamic modelling systems and has been undertaken throughout Australia and Internationally.

For more information about HydroNET and how it can be used for flood emergency planning and response please contact us at .


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