Project Sea Dragon EIS

Project Sea Dragon EIS

Project Sea Dragon Approvals

The Australian Government, Department of the Environment and Energy, and Northern Territory EPA (NT EPA) has recommended that the NT Minister for Primary Industry and Resources approve the Legune Station grow-out facility, a new core Breeding Centre and Broodstock Maturation Centre for Project Sea Dragon.Waterlines - Summer 2017

24 Mar 2017: (Extract from the NT EPA recommendation)
The NT EPA has today recommended approval of Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd’s proposal to build and operate a new prawn grow-out facility at Legune Station, near the Western Australia border.
Once built and operational, the Stage 1 Legune Grow-out Facility, proposed by Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd, will produce approximately 14,000 tonnes of black tiger prawns per annum.

03 Apr 2017: (Extract from the NT EPA recommendation)
The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) has today recommended approval of Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd’s proposal to build and operate a new Core Breeding Centre (CBC) and Broodstock Maturation Centre (BMC), 42km south-west of Darwin.
Once built, the CBC and BMC will be on the same parcel of unzoned, vacant crown land at Point Ceylon on the southern side of Bynoe Harbour, 22km east of Dundee Beach.

10 May 2017: (Extract from the Australian Government, Department of Environment and Energy approval)
To construct and operate Stage 1 of the Project Sea Dragon prawn aquaculture grow-out facilities on Legune Station in the East Kimberley Region of the Northern Territory, including – up to 112 grow-out ponds and associated bunds and channels; an intake channel; an environmental protection zone; an accommodation village; a 17.5 MW power station; a quarry and borrow pits; and service corridors

Water Technology has been a key partner in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Project Sea Dragon, working with CO2 Australia, a subsidiary of the project proponent Seafarms.

Significant site investigations and data collection programs were completed, by Water Technology, to establish the existing coastal and estuarine environmental condition at this remote and isolated site. Almost all teams within Water Technology contributed to the project which was led by the Coastal and Environment team. Along with the coastal and estuarine assessment of the development and the impact on estuarine water quality, Water Technology has also provided specialist input to the floodplain function and inundation across the vast and flat floodplain at Legune pre and post development, and assessment of sedimentation and settling to assist with pond sizing and cleaning regimes of the intake facility.

Project Sea Dragon

“And a big thank you to the Water Technology team. We could not have achieved this without your hard work and support.” Kate McBean, CO2 Australia, via Linkedin

The approval by the EPA is a fantastic achievement by all involved and Water Technology would like to congratulate Seafarms and CO2 Australia, along with other project partners FRC Environmental and AustEcology for their hard work on the project.

The recent edition of Waterlines includes a feature article about Project Sea Dragon.

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LinkedIn : Kate McBean, CO2 Australia




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