Yafei Zhu

Yafei is a Chartered professional environmental and civil engineer with more than 10-year consulting and research experience in the field of water engineering. Yafei has gained extensive skills in numerical modelling and analysis as well as GIS applications through a wide range of projects. Yafei has managed and successfully delivered various types of modelling projects. Additional to his exceptional modelling and management skills, he has also undertaken a variety of design works including drainage networks, wetlands, waterways and fishways.

Yafei received his PhD in the field of water quality/ecological modelling where he developed a coupled 3-D hydrodynamic ecological/biogeochemical model to investigate the dynamics of sediment geochemistry and toxic blue-green algae blooms as well as their interactions in the Gippsland lakes and explored various potential mitigation options. His recent focus is on the development and application of real-time decision support systems for urban flood and water quality management.


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