Tom Atkin

Tom has extensive experience as an Environmental Engineer. He has specialised in the field of waterway management, although he also has experience in a range of environmental areas. Tom is skilled in undertaking waterway engineering design, geomorphic assessments and hydraulic analysis. Having successfully completed the River Styles course, Tom is able to incorporate geomorphic analysis into waterway management and design. He has experience working on projects that identify the features, values, and threats of waterways and identifying and designing appropriate management options that are compatible with the site settings, waterway geomorphology and social requirements. Tom can offer a range of complementary technical skills in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, GIS and drafting that allows him to interpret and analyse waterway systems and design appropriate management interventions.

Tom has completed a number of waterway projects across Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia giving him experience across a wide range of waterway systems. This has given Tom an appreciation and understanding of different waterway systems and management frameworks.


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