Nicholas Tan

Nicholas is a Project Engineer at Water Technology, working in the industry since 2017 specialising in information technology, biochemistry, and civil engineering. Nicholas has project experience in coastal management, rock structure design, beach nourishment and environmental modelling.

Nicholas is an experienced Coastal Engineer with four years’ experience working in the industry. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Engineering (Civil/Structural) and subsequently worked in Brisbane and Melbourne as a maritime and coastal engineer.

Nicholas has worked on a wide range of projects locally and internationally. He has conducted coastal processes assessments, structural design and dredge plume modelling for government and various ports in Australia. He has also worked on a several international projects providing metocean advice and oil spill modelling services for the oil and gas sector in areas such as the Bay of Bengal, Southeast Asia, West Africa and the Black Sea.

Nicholas works at the interface of IT and water engineering, constructing data pipelines and dashboards for clients, specialising in numerical modelling of coastal and ocean environments. He is proficient in data cleaning, analysis, and visualisation in Python, Matlab and R, cloud computing (AWS) and front-end design.


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