Joanna Garcia-Webb

National Practice Lead – Coasts and Environment

Joanna is a coastal engineer with over 17 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors. Joanna is passionate about the sustainable management of the coastline. She is particularly interested in coastal processes assessments, the design of coastal management solutions, and assisting local and state governments with coastal planning and management within the context of relevant coastal policies. She also has extensive experience in numerical modelling of waves and hydrodynamics, and has applied these in numerous coastal circulation, sediment transport, dredge dispersion, flushing, and thermal and wastewater dispersion studies.

For the last few years, much of Joanna’s work has involved coastal vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning in WA and Victoria for local and state government clients. She understands the challenges local governments face when applying the coastal hazard risk management hierarchy. She has experience in educating the community on climate change and its effect on coastal processes, particularly how it relates to adaptation options. Joanna places a high value on working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to achieve project success.


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