Jamie Simmonds

Jamie has spent over 20 years in the disaster recovery, planning and development fields across both the private and public sectors. Starting his career in local government, he has consulted to local and state authorities, worked with private sector entities and headed up the planning and development for a property investment firm.

Jamie is considered an expert in the field of managed retreat and community relocation following natural disasters. In 2011, he was the Director of the relocation of the town of Grantham, Queensland following devastating flash flooding that took the lives of 19 people. In only 11 months after the flood, his project put flood-devastated families into their new homes in a new estate on higher ground. Within 2 years, over 100 families had a new life safe from any future floods. The relocation of Grantham is widely regarded as one of the most successful examples of community relocation or managed retreat in the world.

Jamie published a book in 2020 outlining his experience in Grantham and has since seen the discussion around relocation and managed retreat in the face of a changing climate grow exponentially around the world. He is regularly sought out by media, government agencies and disaster affected communities across the globe to share his experiences and provide support. Jamie is also a sought after speaker at forums across the Asia-Pacific region and the USA. He regularly collaborates with academics and research institutions in Australia and abroad and is a trusted voice for communities during disaster recovery.


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