Eliza Foley-Congdon

Eliza is a Graduate Scientist at Water Technology with a passion for ecology and conservation. Eliza provides strategic and practical solutions to a varied range of complex environmental problems and water management challenges. She has experience in ecology observation, investigative assessments, mapping and analysis, waterway design and revegetation techniques.

Eliza has 5 years’ experience in natural resource management including field surveying, flora identification, team leading, tree planting, weed control, pest animal control and report writing. Eliza currently works with Water Technology while completing a Masters in Ecosystem Science at the University of Melbourne. Her Master’s research focuses on the success and ecological characteristics of revegetated riparian zones and what factors may impact their success. This research requires extensive fieldwork, data collection, data analysis and reporting. This fieldwork required learning and applying recognised flora surveying methods, while also analysing and adapting these methods for future projects. This research has equipped Eliza with the skills and knowledge to organise and carry out extended periods of fieldwork, effectively collect accurate data consistently, and analyse results.

Eliza has competent and up-to-date skills in technical research and report writing. Eliza assists with desktop flora and fauna reviews prior to field investigations and during the compilation of environmental management plans. Eliza is a competent field botanist with strong vegetation identification and assessment skills. She has experience working in a range of habitats including riparian, wetland, terrestrial and coastal environments. Having been involved in several on-ground rehabilitation projects over a four-year period, Eliza also holds practical knowledge in weed and native plant identification, management and control.



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