Marine Plastics around Australia

Marine Plastics around Australia

Marine Plastics around Australia

The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal recently uploaded a dataset showing measured levels of plastics in the waters around Australia. The samples were collected in 2012/13 and the dataset developed for the PhD project of Julia Reisser, with an accompanying paper for the data here (link). There are some frightening levels of plastics in waters seemingly remote from the population and mainland, and a reminder to all to reduce, reuse and recycle!

“This investigation shows that the abundant and widespread small marine plastics around Australia are likely coming from a variety of domestic and international, land- and ocean-based sources. Even though marine plastic pollution is a global environmental issue, mostly caused by our massive production of plastic single-use disposable items, there are still no attempts to regulate plastic disposal on land at an international level.”

The AODN is a centralised hub providing access to Australian marine and climate science data, supported by the Australian Government and led by the University of Tasmania. The portal is a vital reference for Water Technology when carrying out studies of marine and oceanographic processes around Australia and we’re thankful to have a fantastic resource available for us to assist our client’s needs.



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