Landmark flood study in Bendigo

Landmark flood study in Bendigo

Water Technology floodplain consultants has recently completed a major landmark flood study in Bendigo utilising an innovative leading approach. The flood risk posed by Bendigo Creek and some of the other major waterways has long been recognised, but increasingly Bendigo’s upstream catchments and gullies have been developed with the expanding city. Prior to this flood study no information other than anecdotal accounts was available in these areas. Water Technology flood modelled and mapped an area of almost 35,000 ha including over 18,000 pipes.

This study was a major undertaking led by North Central CMA and City of Greater Bendigo. As far as we are aware this study is the first of its kind. Similar detailed flood investigations of this nature have been carried out at a much smaller scale, but nothing like this. The CMA and Council should be congratulated for embarking on and successfully completing such an ambitious project.

Water Technology recently completed hydraulic model training of CMA and Council staff. This has enabled them to better understand their flood models and will allow them to make use of the models for any future floodplain management decisions. During the training the project team were able to enjoy a few moments to reflect on what has been a very challenging but rewarding project. We sincerely hope that this work will ensure that Bendigo continues to develop in a sustainable manner and will go a long way toward understanding and reducing the flood risk for current and future generations.


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