Integrated Water Management Opportunities for Inner Suburban Areas

Integrated Water Management Opportunities for Inner Suburban Areas

This paper is being presented at the WSUD 2013 Conference

Integrated Water Management Opportunities for Inner Suburban Areas


Warwick Bishop, Water Technology
Sarah Law, Water Technology
James Newton, Water Technology
Michael Godfrey, Melbourne Water


Inner suburban councils are facing current and projected urban flooding problems arising from a constrained drainage system and ongoing development. Acknowledging this problem, Melbourne Water collaborated with specialist consultants to investigate the potential for integrated water management (including WSUD) that would offset the drainage problems within the municipality whilst improving the landscape and provide an alternative water supply source to the community. A case study provided a platform in which to assess the benefits and constraints of onsite detention and water quality devices for a problematic site.

The preliminary case study was tailored to look at four scenarios which could counteract the increased runoff using the yield minimum strategy (Argue, 2004/2013). By analysing these scenarios a comparison of a variety of source control solutions to the status quo approach could be undertaken. Infiltration systems eliminated the need for the retrospective upgrades of traditional stormwater infrastructure and provided a sustainable solution that not only eases the stress on the drainage network, but also the potable network. The introduction of a complementing Onsite Detention and broader stormwater quality policy was recommended, as without one this will continue to provide a barrier to the effective implementation of source controls in the foreseeable future. The methods and outputs of this study are now being considered in other locales throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area.

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