HydroNET RainWatch

HydroNET RainWatch

RainWatch: Online access to the best available rainfall information

This application provides online easy access to the following actual and historical information:

  • Rain gauges (BOM and your own) which are stored in the Environmon database
  • Radar information which RainWatch will obtain and calibrate on the fly with BOM rain gauges

The RainWatch application includes the following functionality:

  • An interactive map which gives access to historical and actual calibrated radar-based rainfall information per 1 km² and per 6 or 10 minutes (depending on radar feed)
  • Possibility to upload your own shapefiles (of say subcatchment boundaries), then RainWatch calculates the average of 1x1km gridded rainfall information per polygon for the requested period and time and writes out the pluviodata for your use in hydrologic/hydraulic models – This is a state of the art source of rainfall data for Rain on Grid Hydraulic Models.
  • We will provide functionality for specific formats (WBNM txt, Tuflow CSV, Urbs txt file and IQQM formats)
  • As part of the ongoing MSS fees (Maintenance, Support and Storage) we archive the radar and rain gauge data for your area so all your historic data is available to you. This provides fast access via the HydroNET system as well as providing redundancy during a disaster in case any current systems you have fall over.

With RainWatch rainfall will NEVER miss the gauge!

The live feed of BOM Radar information can be calibrated to existing raingauges on the fly in RainWatch and will then provide a spatial and temporal pluviograph on a 1x1km grid for use in any model of current or historic conditions !

This has the potential to significantly reduce the capital cost associated with new rain gauge installation and maintenance.

If there is limited or no Radar in your area then talk to us about Satellite data to fill in the gaps.
To see a demonstration video click here.

For more information visit: www.hydronet.com.au or call us on 03 8526 0800 (Melbourne) or 07 3105 1460 (Brisbane).


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