HydroNET: HydroView

HydroNET: HydroView

HydroView: One entrance to all the data you need!

The HydroView application gives single point access to all data which is connected via the HydroConnect service. Hydroview can provide access to historical, real-time and forecasted data. The HydroView module allows the user to prepare graphical visualisations of individual datasources and combine say water levels with rainfall rates at several sites into one graph to add to your dashboard so it is ready for you to view or export to a CSV at any time.

The HydroView is often used as data sharing portal for cooperating organisations. In this case the HydroView module provides one entrance to databases and different data which are located at the different participating organisations.

For example, three catchment management agencies in the Netherlands: Brabantse; Delta De Dommel; and Aa en Maas use the community portal to share their data with each other and with interested stakeholders. They have linked their 6 databases (FEWS, wiski, scada and 3 others) to the HydroNET platform. By doing this they all have an improved insight in the status of the whole water system. Only registered users can enter this internal community portal. They use the HydroView to access all 6 databases and to easily compare the different data sources.

To see a demonstration video click here.

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