Geoid Models – Industry Update

Geoid Models – Industry Update

What are they?

  • Geoid models are used by land surveyors and airborne contractors to convert any GPS-derived elevations to AHD elevations
  • Since 2011 Australia officially uses a new geoid model – AUSGeoid09
  • AUSGeoid09 is significantly more accurate than its predecessor AUSGeoid98 (±0.05m compared to ±0.5m)
  • The result is offsets of up to 0.5m between the two (see figure below)

Why is this important for flood studies?

Older (pre-2011) datasets may have been corrected to AHD using the older AUSGeoid98 model, whilst post-2011 datasets have probably been corrected using the newer AUSGeoid09 model. This could result in a systematic elevation offset between old and new datasets if being used on the same project.

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