Knox City Council Urban Mapping

Water Technology urban drainage engineers has recently been appointed by Knox City Council to undertake the flood map...

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Warracknabeal and Brim Flood Investigation

Water Technology has recently been awarded the Warracknabeal and Brim Flood Investigation. Water Technology staff spe...

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RainWatchers Beta Testing

Water Technology is currently launching RainWatchers in collaboration with Glenelg Hopkins CMA and HydroLogic. We are...

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Muddy Creek Fishway

Water Technology has recently finalised the design and construction of the Muddy Creek fishway with GHCMA, VicRoads, ...

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Mullum Creek sustainable development in Donvale (VIC)

Water Technology is a proud member of the project team working towards the Mullum Creek sustainable development in Do...

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Flood Risk Assessment for Jigalong: along the rabbit proof fence

Christine Lachlan Arrowsmith and Kathy Russell from the Coast and Environment Group recently undertook a site visit t...

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Supporting water managers making effective decisions by using HydroNET

Reichard, L.*; Lobbrecht, A.*; Clark, S.^; Catalano, C.^; Tate, B.^; Cox, D.^. Hydrology & Water Resources Sym...

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HydroNET: HydroView

HydroView: One entrance to all the data you need! The HydroView application gives single point access to all data w...

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