Bendigo City Council WSUD Documentation & Maintenance Advice

Bendigo City Council WSUD Documentation & Maintenance Advice

Bendigo City Council WSUD Documentation & Maintenance Advice

Client: City of Greater Bendigo
Location: Bendigo Region, Victoria

The City of Greater Bendigo (CoGB) engaged Water Technology to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the design requirements and procedures for WSUD assets as part of the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) review, and to develop a manual clearly specifying maintenance requirements.

The project provides a tool to assist the CoGB in best managing WSUD assets including reviewing planning application information, undertaking a maintenance program, collecting maintenance data and streamlining the hand-over process from developers to Council.  It delivers specific information which fits into the CoGB’s procedures while also being shared and used across other northern Victorian Councils.  It also sets clear expectations for CoGB in terms of hand-over state of any WSUD assets to ensure that Council does not inherit poorly maintained assets in the future.

The development of the manuals was followed by training and sharing of information, which armed CoGB staff with knowledge on what to look for and confidence to deliver successful WSUD projects.  The linkages between the CoGB teams have provided a fantastic platform in which they can now discuss issues and how particular design elements affect the ability to maintain the assets.  This project collaboration with the CoGB relevant departments was a success, which has been reflected by the level of satisfaction of the maintenance staff, the functioning status of the CoGB WSUD assets and the community perception of WSUD features.

A similar project is now underway with Warrnambool City Council.  The manuals have been updated with the different conditions, requirement and sign-off procedures in Warrnambool.

Water Technology was a finalist of the 2013 Stormwater Industry Association Award for the category Excellence in Asset Management and won the merit award for this project.


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