Deltares and HydroNET launch the WaterCONNECT initiative

Deltares and HydroNET launch the WaterCONNECT initiative HydroNET and Deltares have signed an agreement to launch th...

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A National Call to Action: Making Australia Flood Safe

Floodplain Management Australia National Conference 2019 14-17th May 2019 The Annual Floodplain Management Australi...

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A case study turning data into information and information into knowledge

RECORDED: 19th December 2017 Using HydroNET to access, collaborate with and visualise water management data. An inn...

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An International Water Resources Management Experience with HydroNET

RECORDED: 28th February 2017 The complex challenges in managing water resources in South Africa and the need for an ...

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Radar Rainfall Calibration

RECORDED: 1ST December 2016 How reliable is the radar rainfall forecast? What is the usefulness of radar rainfa...

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HydroNET: Flood Emergency Planning & Response

RECORDED: 25th August 2016 Flooding impacts many communities every year. Understanding flood behaviour is an imp...

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RainWatchers Beta Testing

Water Technology is currently launching RainWatchers in collaboration with Glenelg Hopkins CMA and HydroLogic. We are...

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Supporting water managers making effective decisions by using HydroNET

Reichard, L.*; Lobbrecht, A.*; Clark, S.^; Catalano, C.^; Tate, B.^; Cox, D.^. Hydrology & Water Resources Sym...

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