Applying for OLV Round Two Funding to help local community projects

Applying for OLV Round Two Funding to help local community projects

The Office of Living Victoria (OLV) fund is designed to support organisations and committees across Victoria plan and implement local solutions that take advantage of all available for fit-for-purpose water use.  For this second round of funding, there is a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for ‘non-traditional’ participants such as community groups, schools, not for profit organisations, committees of management, developers and small businesses.  The Fund prioritises the following Whole of Water Cycle Management (WWCM) projects; on-ground projects that will leave a lasting legacy; community/not-for-profit organisations seeking to facilitate and implement local whole-of-water-cycle solutions; and potential iconic, innovative and leading edge projects.

Water Technology, as a sponsoring organisation, has submitted an application for the following two projects aiming to help local community groups;

  • The Vermont Primary School Green Shaping project integrates water management across the site through increased stormwater infiltration, improved stormwater quality and reduced energy/resource consumption while providing a showcase and platform for teaching and learning.  The concept proposes the installation of raingardens, green roof/wall and new efficient drinking water fountains around the school.
  • The Home of Vasili’s Garden and Café is an iconic institution in Coburg, where the Melburnian community regularly comes to find a variety of plants & gardening products along with home-style meals.  The nursery/cafe is an ideal site to undertake a rainwater and greywater harvesting project to offset the potable water consumption associated to the plants irrigation while providing a platform for generational changes. Lessons learnt in this project will be conveyed to the community during and post construction through educational sessions and via Vasili’s television show on C31.


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