An International Water Resources Management Experience with HydroNET

An International Water Resources Management Experience with HydroNET

RECORDED: 28th February 2017

The complex challenges in managing water resources in South Africa and the need for an adaptive operations approach required a strategic change to the Inkomati Catchment Management approach.

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The Crocodile River Catchment includes the southern section of the Kruger National Park in South Africa and has many competing social, environmental and agricultural interests. The catchment and regulated river system support a large and diverse agricultural region; urban centres and important industrial zones; significant environmental and cultural assets and a tourism industry with over 1.4 million visitors per year.

Brian Jackson shares his experience in implementing this adaptive operational approach to water resources management and the technological innovations that they implemented.

Challenges and outcomes covered during the webinar:

  • Decision support framework and systems
  • Climate variability and data management
  • Stakeholder engagement and interaction
  • Flood Early Warning System
  • HydroNET implementation and operation
  • This webinar provided an implementation overview of the HydroNET platform and how it can be used for real-time water resource operation, management and planning.

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  • Brian Jackson, Water Technology
    Brian is a professional civil engineer, water resources manager, modeller and hydrologist with 20 years of experience in implementing integrated water resources management in South Africa. He has been at the forefront of implementing the new, and internationally respected, water act of South Africa since its promulgation in 1998 through his employment at both the national Department of Water Affairs and the first Catchment Management Agency established in South Africa. This entails the protection, use, development, conservation, management and control of water resources. Brian joined Water Technology in January 2017 as the lead for HydroNET in Australia and New Zealand.


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