A case study turning data into information and information into knowledge

A case study turning data into information and information into knowledge

RECORDED: 19th December 2017

Using HydroNET to access, collaborate with and visualise water management data.

An innovative cloud based platform as a service solution for the Goulburn Broken CMA using HydroNET, that connects to various data sources to provide personalised dashboards and information for smart, collaborative decision making around water.


  • Data collaboration and visualisation.
    A cloud solution platform for water managers and operators providing easy access and smart tools to visualise and use data anywhere, anytime, turning data into information and information into knowledge.
  • Real-time Data Decision Support Tool.
    Live access to official master data at source from multiple sources inside and outside the organisation, eliminating any duplication and versioning issues.
  • Data democratisation.
    No added burden on database administrators to provide data and information.
  • Customised solutions.
    Personalised Dashboards and smart tools for GBCMA staff and managers to easily work with the data.
  • Reporting for organisation and community needs.
    Automatic reports in Word, PDF and PowerPoint.
  • Time savings.
    Significantly reduced time and cost burden on staff.

The Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority had a need for access to near real-time data housed within an external database for their operational decision-making. A cloud based solution platform was sought that would provide access that was robust and customisable to easily transform that data into personalised information and knowledge.

The HydroNET Water Control Room, a cloud based solution platform designed by water professionals to meet the diverse needs of water organisations, was chosen as the best solution. Water Technology was appointed to implement the HydroNET Water Control Room application package for the CMA. HydroNET now enables the CMA staff to securely and easily view, watch and report on the live water quality, rainfall and river flow data from an external Aquarius Database via personalised web dashboards. As the solution uses exiting API’s the connection does not add a burden to the database administrators and does not duplicate the data, which remains at source, eliminating any versioning issues. As a solution it has greatly improved operational decision making within the CMA and improved collaboration with their partners and stakeholders.

This FREE webinar provided an implementation overview of the HydroNET platform and how it can be used for real-time water resource operation, management and planning.

  • Brian Jackson, Water Technology
    Senior Principal Engineer

    Brian is a professional civil engineer, water resources manager, modeller and hydrologist with 20 years of experience in implementing integrated water resources management in South Africa. He has been at the forefront of implementing the new, and internationally respected, water act of South Africa since its promulgation in 1998 through his employment at both the national Department of Water Affairs and the first Catchment Management Agency established in South Africa. This entails the protection, use, development, conservation, management and control of water resources. Brian joined Water Technology in January 2017 as the lead for HydroNET in Australia and New Zealand.


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